ORing provides a wide variety of networking products and solutions to meet different needs and address various industrial usage scenarios. Our products range from industrial Ethernet switches to media converters, device servers, wireless access points, cellular VPN routers, network management utility, and IIoT products. We also provide vertical markets with high cost efficiency and one-stop shopping experience through comprehensive solutions. With industrial-grade design, all of our products are proven to withstand various harsh conditions and can meet requirements for high network reliability and security. Our products come in different configuration to cater for individual needs. For example, you can choose by network speed (Gigabit, fast, etc.), mounting options (rack-mount, DIN-rail, wall-mount, as well as other special-installation types), types of data paths (regular Ethernet, weatherproof Ethernet, PoE, wireless LAN, USB, etc.), industry-specific applications (as shown below), and many more.coverage iot

Customer-Oriented R&D

ORing believes customer needs are the source of innovation.
Founded by a group of people with R&D background, ORing places a high value on the development of innovative products and technology. R&D employees account for a major share of ORing's workforce, enabling ORing to develop reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective products aligned with customer needs.

Through the close collaboration between the sales and the R&D teams, ORing is able to keep abreast with customer needs and develop products and solutions that meet or even exceed consumer expectations. All of ORing's products must go through rigid quality assurance processes and verified by internal and external QA teams. After the release of the products, ORing's R&D team will continue to improve and enhance the products based on customer feedbacks, making sure the customers make the best use of ORing's offerings.

Quick-Time to Market

In order to shorten time to market, ORing has constantly improved operational processes by developing a workflow that lessens downtime and encourages efficiency. For example, ORing helped China's Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail deploy wireless networks in three months, from planning to the completion of the project.