ORing RMA Service Process

Obtaining an RMA Number

All returns from customers must be authorized with an ORing RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Any returns of defective units without valid RMA numbers will not be accepted; they will be returned to the customer at the customer's cost without prior notice.

During the warranty period, ORing agrees to service and provide all parts and labor necessity to repair or replace the warranted product to its proper operating condition consistent with ORing product specifications. Repair or replacement parts and products will be furnished on an exchange basis and will be either new or reconditioned. Customers will pay the cost of shipping the defective product back to ORing Service Site; ORing will be accountable for the cost associated of return shipments. All returns from customers must be authorized with an ORing RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. The Return Material Authorization number is void after 30 days, and must be clearly marked on the exterior of the original shipping container or equivalent. ORing will not be responsible for delays in the repair time if the material is not returned with a clearly visible, valid RMA number. In case of expedited shipping request, an extra service charge shall be assessed and the customer is responsible for this extra return shipping charge

Warranty Period

ORing builds Products in accordance with the industry standards. For parts built by ORing; including, but not limited to, the main board, power supply, chassis, fan kit and heat-sink; the warranty period will be 5 years. Barebones systems assembled by ORing will also have a standard 5-years warranty period. Optional commodity parts including, but not limited to, CPU, RAM module, HDD, SSD, and add-on cards are not covered by ORing's warranty unless specifically stated, instead the external vendor's warranty will apply. .

Exclusions from Warranty

  • The product has been found to be defective after expiration of the warranty period.
  • Physical damage of the product that is caused by the human behavior.
  • Improper or inadequate maintenance or modification.
  • Missing accessories or components are not included in the warranty replacement.
  • Product that is without serial number or invalid serial number is not within warranty service.
  • Foreign objects inside the product.
  • Software, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by ORing.
  • Any damaged caused by inadequate application to the product or operation that is not specify in product specification.

Service Type

 Service type  From the shipping date  Freight Charge  Repair Fee Charge  TAT
 DOA  30 days  ORing  Free  14 days
 In Warranty  1 month~60 months 1.1 Return by ORing
1.2 Send back by customer
 Free  30 days
 Out of Warranty  Over 60 months  Customer  Diagnostic charge + Material cost  By case
 Refurbish    Customer  Diagnostic charge + Material cost  By case
 Rework    By case  By case  By case

Product Repairing

ORing will repair defective products covered under this limited warranty that are returned to ORing; if products do prove to be defective, they will be repaired during their warranty period unless other warranty terms have been specified.

  • ORing has the authentication to remove all parts that is defected in the repaired product.
  • ORing uses new and reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing limited warranty repairs and building replacement products.
  • The repaired products will be warranted subjected to the original warranty coverage and period only. The warranty will not be extended after repaired.
  • ORing will issue RMA Report which included Repair Detailed Information to the customer when the defective products were repaired and returned.
  • The product's PCB will not be repaired if it is burned. If the customer insists on repairing the PCB, its product warranty will be terminated.
  • In addition to the above, ORing may authorize Independent/Third-party suppliers to repair the defective products for ORing.

Product End of Support

Any product being discontinued of supply will be announced as EOL (End of Life) and identified on the price list for at least six months prior to its discontinuation. At the last time buy day, discontinued products will be removed from the price list and are no longer available for purchase unless specially requested. Product Support, however, will last until the day of EOS (End of Support) which is the last Shipment Day of EOL product plus the product Warranty Period.

So, the product support and warranty for the Last time-buy discontinued product will be granted until its warranty period is expired, that's, reaching the EOS Day of the product. Before its EOS Day, ORing will continue to investigate, troubleshoot, and characterize issues in an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds for these products; when it reaches its EOS Day, ORing will only provide limited support on a commercial effort basis. ORing reserves the right to charge for any requested support/service of any EOS product. In addition, ORing reserves the right to reduce service available for renewal EOL product under this policy at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice.