Project Introduction

Location: Ghent and Antwerp,Belgium

Project Name: Free internet access on the vehicles of De Lijn

Products Deployed: IGAR-2062+-4G / TGAR-2062+-4GS-M12

Project Requirement

  • Long-distance wireless connections
  • Dual LTE request
  • Railway-certificated for tram applications
  • Easy and central management capabilities


Besides the TGAR-2062+-4G cellular routers installed on the trams in Gent and Antwerp, 60 units of IGAR-2062+-4G were installed on the buses. Both models use the same management platform, based on ORing self-designed firmware, which saves the administrator the hassle of switching between different interfaces. Through the management platform, the administrator can remotely manage all the routers, issue advertising messages, and update firmware.

The TGAR-2062+-4G is EN50155-compliant and equipped with M12 connectors to ensure tight, robust connections despite vibration and shock. With a dedicated GPS interface, the model can provide tracking information and controls operation of the router based on location.

The IGAR-2062+-4G with a smaller form factor can be easily installed and maintained in the bus. As wireless signals are likely to be intercepted when traveling in the air, a variety of security methods such as 802.1X authentication, WEP, WPA, and MAC filtering are supported. In the case of degraded or disconnected communications links, these routers which come with two SIM card slots can proactively switch to the SIM card employed.

System Structure

Free Internet Access on the Vehicles

Why Oring

  • Compliance with railway standards such as EN50155
  • Dual SIM card slots to provide connection redundancy
  • Industrial design such as a wide operating temperature