Project Introduction

Location: Abu Dhabi

Project Name: abu Dhabi Police Cars into Smart Patrol Vehicles

Products Deployed: IGPS-1080-24V

Project Requirement

  • Ability to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Small footprint
  • High-speed data transmission


Anticipating millions of visitors flocking to Dubai for Expo 2020, the UAE needs to speed up the transformation of the police cars. The vehicles will be equipped with network connectivity and advanced systems to help police handle the huge number of visitors. The aims of the smart police vehicles include detecting violations automatically, notifying drivers of violations through text messages, and urging motorists to abide by traffic rules, just to name a few. The Abu Dhabi Police has fired the first shot to build a new fleet of smart patrol vehicles.

A smart bar integrated with facial recognition technology is installed on top of the patrol cars to communicate with a server located in the central operations department. Through the facial recognition software and the IP camera sitting on top of the smart bar, the smart bar can instantly cross-match an image against the police watch list and notify the police when the image matches the data. To perform these tasks, the police force needs a reliable network switch to connect different devices such as the camera, the vehicle PC, and the Panel PC. To ensure uninterrupted and fast data communications between the patrol cars and the control center, the Abu Dhabi Police needed an industrial-grade, compact-sized Ethernet switch capable of fitting into the small space and working in high temperature. This is why they have chosen ORing’s IGPS-1080-24V industrial Ethernet switch for this project.

The IGPS-1080-24V Ethernet switch can provide power for the IP camera, eliminating the need for additional cabling and thus saving installation costs. With a small form factor, the switch can be easily accommodated in the police vehicle, alongside many other digital devices. The network switch comes with eight Gigabit ports to connect a variety of in-vehicle devices to perform different tasks immediately. For example, the police can identify people using a mobile phone while driving or ignoring speed limits, while notifying the driver of violations through SMS. The vehicles can also transmit data such as license plate numbers, facial recognition data, or video clips to the Abu Dhabi Police’s control center for real-time matching, making law enforcement more efficient. While the temperature in Abu Dhabi could hit as high as 40°C, the IGPS-1080-24V’s industrial-grade design such as a wide operating temperature range between -40°C and 75°C enables the switch to operate in such harsh environments. With the smart patrol vehicles powered by the IGPS-1080-24V and other advanced technology, the Abu Dhabi Police are able to identify plate numbers of wanted cars and recognize speeding vehicles or those associated with other violations, thus detecting and stopping violations in a timely manner.

System Structure

 Abu Dhabi Police Cars 1110

Why Oring

  • Compact size
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Gigabit speed