Project Introduction

Location: Taiwan

Project Name: Taiwanese Coach Company-Ho-Hsin project

Products Deployed: IPS-1080A,IMG-4312+-4G

Project Requirement

  • Wireless communication and PoE functionality
  • Support for multiple SSIDs
  • Integrate with the customer's login portal


People want to use their mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets at all times, even when they are using public transportation services. Therefore, onboard Internet access has become a must-have in mass transit systems. Acknowledging passengers' needs and desire, Ho-Hsin, a major coach company in Taiwan, decides to deploy onboard wireless networks to give passengers more personal and pleasant travel experience during their journey. The wireless network will not only enable passengers to access the Internet through their mobile devices for a variety of activities such as listening to streaming music, and working on their laptops, it will also connect the onboard IP surveillance system to enhance travel security as well as other in-vehicle devices such as LCD displays to announce important travel information.

In this project, Ho-Hsin uses ORing’s wired and wireless networking devices including the IPS-1080A industrial Ethernet switch and the IMG-4312+-4G cellular gateway to establish the on-board network. The IPS-1080A offers eight PoE ports to power IP cameras and cellular gateway in the bus, significantly reducing the cost and hassle of cabling. The compact design and extremely simple installation of the switch makes it especially suitable for coaches and buses where space is limited. Camera footages are transmitted to the NVR through the switch for storage and backup which can be used to facilitate investigations in the future if any accidents or disputes occur. With a wide operating temperature range between -40°C and 70°C, the switch can work in the small cabinet where several networking devices generate a lot of heat.

Passengers can access the Internet through their mobile devices for work or entertainment during their journey thanks to ORing’s 4G LTE cellular gateway IMG-4312+-4G. The cellular gateway also transmits data to the remote control center, allowing coach staff to monitor coach operation in real time, thus ensuring passengers have a safe trip. Using the PoE PD port on the cellular gateway, the coach company saves money and cabling effort when deploying the on-board network. Four SSIDs are set up for the access of passengers and employees to prevent passengers from accessing the private network. With ORing’s solution, Ho-Hsin can send push ads, important policies, and news to the on-board display where every passenger can see it. The network also prepares Ho-Hsin for the future of Internet of Vehicle which will allow vehicle-to-vehicle communications while providing greater insight into human-driven connected cars on the road.

System Structure

 ORing Ho Hsin In Vehicle

Why Oring

  • Supports up to four SSD profiles to protect network access
  • Comprehensive networking solutions including wired and wireless networks
  • Provides PoE ports to reduce cabling effort and costs