Project Introduction

Location: Tainan,Taiwan

Project Name: Management of Car Parks in Tainan City with ORing's Wireless Solutions

Products Deployed: IAR-142-4G/RFA-O5-SM-W4G

Project Requirement

  • Wireless communications and data security
  • Network management capabilities
  • Wi-Fi hot spots at car parks


Each car park is equipped with several IP cameras, an eTag system, a license plate recognition system, a lighting system, a LED display indicating remaining vacancies, a barrier system, a ticketing system, and a ticket validating system. An IAR-142-4G router was installed in every car park to transmit data from these systems and devices to the control center. This IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN VPN router comes with 2 Fast Ethernet ports, one for LAN and the other for WAN networks.

The administrator used the VPN function to divide the network into different segments to simplify management and ensure security. Authorized employees can access the data they need remotely and safely which is well protected using the 802.1x authentication process. Through the secure channels between the car parks and the control center images and video data is transmitted to ORing's device management server located in the control center.

Using the device management server, the administrator can manage all wireless routers in one single pane, including monitoring their conditions, configure settings, and set up alarms so they will be informed when the devices fail to operate properly.

System Structure

Management of Car 1110 1

Why Oring

  • Central management system
  • Wi-Fi onboarding at hotspots
  • Stable 4G connections
  • Compact-sized, industrial-grade networking devices