Project Introduction

Location: Pakistan

Project Name: Wireless Application for The Lahore Metro Bus System

Products Deployed: IR-710/RES-3242GC-EU

Project Requirement

  • Optical fiber connections
  • Uninterrupted data transmission between IT systems at stations, corridor and at data center
  • High availability with network redundancy
  • Wide temperature range


The Lahore Metro Bus System (MBS) is Pakistan's key bus rapid transit. The metro bus company was looking for robust and reliable network solutions to facilitate communications between the control center and the remote stations. Due to the high temperature in the summer, sometimes even over 50°C, the network equipment must be able to overcome the scorching weather.

Besides the need for fiber optic connectivity, the network communications systems must provide high availability with at least a 99.5% uptime guarantee. Under these considerations, ORing's RES-3242GC Industrial Ethernet Switch and IR-710 Industrial Cellular VPN router were adopted in this project.

System Structure

Real Time Data 1110

Why Oring

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Cost-effective network solution