Project Introduction

Location: Switzerland

Products Deployed: IPS-3082GC-AT、RGPS-92222GCP-NP、NDR-12048、SFP1G-LX10-I


  • No need to deploy additional power cables
  • Long-distance data transmission
  • High data capacity and high port density


A client in Switzerland wanted to upgrade the IP surveillance network on a highway to a higher capacity and speed to ensure uninterrupted and fast transmission of IP surveillance data. To reduce upgrade costs and complexity, the network devices must support PoE. The client also needed fiber connections to enable long-haul data transmission.

The client deployed ORing’s IPS-3082GC-AT and RGPS-92222GCP-NP switches to connect its IP surveillance cameras. With PoE support and Gigabit combo ports of the switches, the client was able to simplify the installation process and keep the project under budget. The video data can be transmitted smoothly to the remote control center in real time, significantly reducing the risk of data loss. As the network devices support fast propriety redundant ring technology, which  can self-heal in milliseconds, the client can rest assured the reliability of the whole network.


Why ORing

  • Comprehensive solution and one-stop shopping
  • Strong technical and customer support
  • Switches with PoE support and optical fiber modules
  • Uninterrupted operations for industrial-grade design