Project Introduction

Location: China

Project Name: ORing Builds Industrial Networks for Samsung's Plant

Products Deployed: IPS-3082GC/IGS-3044GC

Project Requirement


  • Reliable and steady network coverage across the plant
  • Uninterrupted transmission of video data
  • Supply power to IP cameras in the plant
  • Industrial design for harsh environments


To achieve efficient management, the factory needs to monitor every production process through IP surveillance systems. The video data is then transmitted to the control room via industrial networks, allowing the staff to monitor production remotely while collecting and analyzing the data using PCs or other advanced technologies. With these efforts, the company can gain full control over the plant, hence higher production and management efficiency.

ORing provides a safe and reliable industrial network with redundancy capabilities for the whole system to transmit on-site video data to the control room in real time, thus achieving remote monitoring and centralized video access. ORing's IPS-3082GC-AT managed industrial Ethernet switch which features eight PoE ports and two Gigabit combo ports were deployed at the access layer. Each of the IEEE802.3at-compliant PoE port can deliver maximum 30W power. The ability to power IP cameras in production facilities over Ethernet cables has significantly reduced energy costs and cabling complexity.

At the aggregation layer, the redundancy technology of the IGS-3044GC enables self-healing in 30ms (up to 250 nodes) when any node breaks down. That means network failure will be recovered immediately, ensuring uninterrupted communications of video data. The IGS-3044GC consists of eight Gigabit ports including four RJ45 ports and four SFP ports. The large number of ports allows for connections with the IPS-3082GC-AT at the access layer as well as other network equipment. By connecting all the devices to the control room, the switches can form a complete communications network for production lines.

ORing has abundant factory automation experience. In this project, ORing constructed a network spanning from access layer to aggregation layer to provide a high-bandwidth, industry-level Gigabit network for video data transmission. ORing's network redundancy technology not only ensures uninterrupted data transmission but also enhances network stability and reliability.

In addition, ORing's switches support Open-Vision management software which draws network topology automatically, monitors network equipment status, and sends out warnings immediately when a problem occurs, thus enhancing equipment control and management efficiency.

System Structure


samsung02 application

Why Oring

  • A complete solution covering access layer and aggregation layer
  • IEEE802.3at-compliant PoE ports to supply power to IP cameras Proprietary O-Ring network redundancy technology with recovery time of less than 30ms and supports up to 250 nodes
  • Industrial design with a wide operating range from -40~75℃, 5-year warranty, DIN-rail mountable
  • Rich hands-on experience in network planning