Project Introduction

Location: China

Project Name: ORing Enhances Productivity of Automatic Control System for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Products Deployed: IAP-W422+

Project Requirement 

● A cost-efficient and resilient Ethernet network
● Industrial-grade design for harsh environments
● Reliable data communications
● Support for remote maintenance and troubleshooting


The production line of autoclaved aerated concrete consists of several sections and each section is inter-connected. Traditionally, a drag chain cable is used to direct control signals from one section to the next section. However, this approach takes up a large number of I/O connections of the PLCs, not to mention the high costs of drag chain cables. As each section works separately, preventing centralized monitoring of the production site, the administrator is unable to keep track of the operations of each section in real time. When a problem occurs, the equipment supplier cannot get hold of the failure remotely.

ORing has provided a comprehensive industrial Ethernet solution to address this customer’ needs. The IAP-W422+ access point is installed on the vehicles at each production section and inside the factory to connect the devices through a wireless network. Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards, the IAP-W422+ comes with an IP67-rated housing and provides a wide temperature range between-20~70℃ alongside a five-year warranty, making it a perfect wireless network device for harsh industrial environments. The IEEE802 .3af PoE port on the IAP-W422+ enables power supply over the same Ethernet cable, thus increasing installation flexibility as no separate electrical wiring and power outlets is needed.

The IAP-W422+ also supports ORing’s proprietary high-speed roaming technology X-Roaming which reduces the handoff time to less than 60ms, thus ensuring uninterrupted wireless communications. Data from the servers and PLCs at each section is transmitted to the control center via industrial Ethernet switches so the staff can monitor all devices centrally. The network is also connected to the Internet to allow remote management and

System Structure

 Aerated Concrete System Structure 1110

Why ORing

● Wireless communications devices with a wide signal coverage and fast speed.
● X-Roaming with a handoff time of less than 60ms
● Industrial-grade design such as a wide temperature range and IP67 rating.
● PoE support for simplified and flexible installation