Project Introduction

Location: Suzhou,China

Project Name: Yueda PV Cell Project

Products Deployed: IGS-1080A / RGS-92222GCP

Project Requirement

  • A reliable communications network and turnkey solution
  • Wired network: monitor production status and transmit data in real time
  • Wireless network: flexible data transmission from AGVs
  • Industrial-grade design for operation in harsh environments


This project took only six months for completion. In the factory, technicians operate and adjust the equipment while AOI machines sort out components on the automation production line. The automated robotic arms categorize the cells into different ranges and then pack them together. The AGVs which are responsible for bridging each manufacturing stage and transmitting data pick up the components from every section and deliver them to the next section. They also transmit and receive data at each section.

To facilitate real-time data transmission between the production site and the control center, ORing has provided four IGS-1080A and 20 RGS-92222GCP full-Gigabit industrial Ethernet switches. The RGS-92222GCP adopts ORing’s proprietary network redundancy technology O-Ring which enables self-healing in 30ms. When network services are interrupted or unavailable, a backup link will be activated to ensure continued data transmission.

To ensure the AGVs can transmit data immediately to the control center, ORing provided 46 IAP-420 wireless APs to form a wireless network in the factory. The data collected from PLCs and various sensors can be transmitted to the control center from the AGVs via the wireless network. As the AGVs will connect to nearby APs automatically, the X-Roaming technology adopted in the IAP-420 ensures smooth and high-speed roaming. With a roaming time below 60ms, ORing’s wireless solution ensures zero data loss.

ORing’s solutions have been widely adopted in industrial automation including the IP surveillance system at Samsung’s factories, Tesla’s car component inspection system, Tata Motor’s factory, and Ferrero’s chocolate factory. As a leading industrial network communications solution provider, all of ORing’s products have been tested to comply with industrial safety standards such as EMC. The wide range of operating temperature and a five-year warranty provides customers more peace of mind.

System Structure

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Why Oring

  • Provides turnkey solution including industrial Ethernet switches and wireless communications devices
  • Supports network redundancy with O-Ring technology (self-healing < 30ms)
  • Zero data loss with roaming time <60ms
  • Industrial-grade design with a wide temperature range and five-year warranty