Project Introduction

Location: Bulgaria

Project Name: Automation System of Refrigerator Factory in Bulgaria

Products Deployed: IES-150B

Project Requirement

  • Low power consumption
  • Secure weatherproof wireless networking in some spots
  • Power redundancy protections
  • Industrial design to sustain in harsh environment
  • Withstand wide temperature variations


Bulgaria is a country with a long history of cultural heritage. Since the late 1990s, manufacturing industry has been greatly expanding near the city of Plovdiv, including the emergence of a very productive refrigerator manufacturing plant. Due to the high productivity of this plant, effective energy management and timely monitoring of plant statistics are especially important. For these purposes, ORing's industrial networking products are chosen to provide the much-needed industrial-grade backbone network for this refrigerator manufacturing plant in Bulgaria. The centerpiece of this project is the energy management system that monitors, visualizes, and stores analysis data of power substations in this Bulgarian refrigerator manufacturing plant. To ensure swift, reliable and uninterrupted information traffic of such important data in tough environments, ORing's unmanaged IES-150B Ethernet switches are used. Additionally, some of the substations are in the remote area, where the implementation of wired networks would be tedious and costly. The use of ORing's IAP-W512 long-range wireless weatherproof access points effectively solves this problem by providing IEEE 802.11a wireless network connection with RADIUS authentication, allowing secure wireless network extension to these remote substations.

System Structure

Bulgarian 900

Why Oring

  • Products with high bandwidth and long-distance transmission capabilities
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use, and robust solutions
  • Long-term experience in the automotive industry
  • Industrial-grade design with a wide temperature range and five-year warranty